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Yamaha “The Drive” vs. E-Z-GO TXT DCS


I just read an interesting comparison between E-Z-GO and Yamaha golf carts. As with any product, both have their pros and cons.

Yamaha’s “The Drive,” for example, uses 2600 DC watt-hours in 3 rounds of golf, whereas the E-Z-GO TXT DCS uses 2900. The Yamaha also average around 28 miles per gallon and the E-Z-GO: only 22.

The E-Z-GO also features oil pumps and filters, whereas the Yamaha does not. “The Drive” features a splash-style lubrication system, making fuel pump unnecessary. According to the article, this will allow you to save on maintenance.

As for ride smoothness, however, the both carts are even, according to the article. Their coil-over spring shocks make for easy, gliding rides on golf course terrain.

The last feature that the article covered was key switches. Yamaha’s Teflon and rubber protected switches win out since the E-Z-GO’s metal switch may be prone to rust.

So, from the sounds of it, the Yamaha wins. But, that’s only one article. The best way to know is to test drive them yourself and ask around. Really, a lot comes down to personal preference, so you can’t just go on hearsay and opinion.


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