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EZGO – Street Legal Golf Cart Kit

Let’s be honest: if you trick out your golf cart, you wanna use it everywhere possible. Sometimes you just want to use it to show it off to anyone who might see it. Who could blame you? After all, these customized golf carts look pretty cool after you put some work into them.

So, make your cart street legal, specifically your EZGO golf cart, with this:

This is our EZGO street legal kit, which includes:

  • FULL wire harness with quick connects for the lights using T5 D.O.T. approved wiring and connectors.
  • Easy to read instructions
  • Template for cutting the body for the light bezels.
  • Works on gas and electric carts!
  • 2 recessed Halogen Headlights
  • 2 recessed LED tail lights
  • Complete wiring harness for lights, turn signals and brake lights
  • Includes switch for turning lights on and off, a switch for right and left Turn signals, switch for horn

So, take advantage of these incredible set and get your cart on the street! Contact us for more information and have fun customizing your cart!

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