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Golf Carts can be a Major Asset to Communities

Golf CartsAt DIY Golf Cart, it’s safe to say we love golf carts. In fact, we might be borderline obsessed, but that’s OK: we’re in the golf cart business. And what a great business it is to be in.

As we’ve mentioned before, golf carts aren’t just for golf. They’re seen all over – in small communities, at the beach, on the farm and in industrial and commercial environments.  Increasingly, golf carts as a means of transportation is a growing trend throughout the country.

In Winston-Salem, North Carolina for example, a husband-wife couple came up with an innovative idea. An idea with golf carts at the center of it all. Reid and Kirsten Hensley idea was to start a golf cart shuttle business for the small downtown of Winston-Salem.

Inspired by cities like Nashville and Denver that have similar operations, the couple took their idea to a city council member. The idea, which is a pretty simple, was to pick up and drop off passengers throughout the downtown area. Following all standard traffic laws, this transportation would not only help decongest the downtown area of cars, it would also provide a unique experience for visitors and natives alike. What makes this idea really great, especially for the passengers, is that it would be FREE. The Hensley’s planned to make money on selling advertising spots on the carts.

Starting small, Reid and Kirsten would start with one golf cart and see how things go from there. And while there are definitely safety concerns to consider, Kirsten Hensley said they would deal with people the same way bartenders might – refusing service to people who have had too much to drink or who act too rowdy.

As you can see, golf carts aren’t just for the golf course. Do you have an example of other towns or cities that use golf carts for “non-traditional” uses? Share them with us in the comments below!


Tips for Cleaning Your Own Golf Cart

Cleaning Your Golf Cart The upkeep of your golf cart is an extremely important part of your golf game. Generally, golf courses have a dress code (not too dressy, but presentable, dressy-casual, and classy.) So, your golf cart needs to also fit the bill. Or, if you’re using your golf cart to get to one place to another in your community, you want it to look presentable to the public. Rolling around in a golf cart that is dirty, messy, and disheveled will create an unwanted look for you. Keeping your golf cart in tip-top shape is essential to preserve its appearance and to prolong the life of its machinery.

Cleaning a golf cart is very similar to cleaning a car; all you really need is soap and water, and a sponge, of course. But, since golf carts are typically much smaller and more open (no doors), the care you have to take increases when washing a golf cart versus a car. Just like a car, golf carts are usually covered in a clear finishing paint or covering. Bleach and ammonia mixtures can be just as harmful to this coating on the golf cart as they are on any other vehicle. Also, abrasive sponges can be damaging to the smooth surface of your golf cart. Using a rough, abrasive sponge or cloth can easily lead to many scratches all over the surface of your vehicle.

DIY Golf Cart is a company that offers cleaning supplies, accessories, and parts to cleanse and/or fix your golf cart all by yourself. This company sells an enormous amount of diverse parts to either add onto or help fix your golf cart to greatly benefit your use of it. From basic parts such as windshields, tires, mirrors, and horns to more specific parts such as tune up kits, golf accessories, and golf cart seat belts, this company has it all!

Golf Carts Can Be a Major Asset to Communities

Golf CartsHillyard, Washington is a neighborhood in Spokane, Washington, which grew up with the rise of the railroad industry as it was a place where Great Northern manufactured, repaired, and refurbished locomotives. Today, however, there’s a new form of transportation that’s gaining traction in town: getting around in golf carts!

Why pay for the upkeep of a car or truck when you just want to go to a nearby post office or grocery store and you can use your convenient, money-saving golf cart? Indeed, Hillyard residents have taken to golf carting around town like white on rice. Cart owners have noted that they’re saving hundreds of dollars on gas each month.

For older residents with health problems, utilizing a golf cart beats having to walk places. Younger area residents find them to be a cool way to make a short commute to and from work.

Of course there are rules and in order for a golf cart to be street legal in Hillyard, it needs a permit (which costs $50), as well as reflectors, a rear view mirror, and a seat belt. Hillyard also asks cart owners to insure their carts.

Besides Hillyard, there are many cities, towns and villages where people use golf carts as an alternative to walking, biking and/or driving a gas guzzling car or truck. Golf carts are especially popular in resort towns.

For those of you who have already decided to use a golf cart as a car alternative, know that DIY Golf Cart provides its customers with high quality golf cart parts and accessories at extremely low prices. Specializing in parts for EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha, as well as accessories for gas or electric models, DIY Golf Cart is typically able to ship products out within 24 hours and believes in providing top-notch customer service.

Safety Precautions to Keep in Mind When Operating a Golf Cart

Safety Whenever you’re operating a vehicle, regardless of how small it is there are always rules and procedures one must follow in order to ensure proper safety for all those involved.  Furthermore, in cases such as driving a golf cart, there are also rules and procedures of operation specific to the certain golf course you’re playing on as well.  Here are some good tips to follow in order to make sure you cause no harm to yourself or anyone around you.

First of all, always make sure that you drive responsibly.  Act as if you’re riding on a rollercoaster at a theme park, keeping your hands and feet inside the cart at all times.  If your golf cart comes equipped with seatbelts, it is in your best interest to put them on as well.  You should only carry passengers that you have seats for in a golf cart, you shouldn’t try to squeeze extra passengers in as this may put them in danger of getting injured.

As with any other vehicle, never drive while you are intoxicated.  It may just be a small golf cart, but the use of it under the influence of alcohol can still severely injure someone if an accident is caused.  Don’t allow for any distraction while driving either.  Make sure that your eyes are on the course and its surroundings, not your phone or the person you’re talking with next to you.

Golf carts are different than regular vehicles when it comes to inclement weather.  They can be prone to lightning strikes, especially with bags of metal clubs attached to the back of them.  Be sure to cover up your clubs as much as you can and if the weather becomes too severe where you might think there is an extreme risk of danger, don’t be afraid to pack it up and take a rain check.  Lastly, never leave your keys in the golf cart and make sure when you stop that the parking brake is on.  There is nothing worse than a runaway cart with no one to stop it.


Should I Walk or Ride When I go Golfing?

Golf CartsRemember when you were younger? It seemed like you had seemingly boundless energy. You took the stairs instead of the elevator. You didn’t mind walking to the local store or park. And it was easy to participate in sports.

Men and women of a certain age will tell you that it’s nicer to take the golf cart around a golf course instead of walking it. And why not? Golf carts make the game of golf easier and more enjoyable no matter what the age, as they’re fun to drive, they help carry the equipment, and, if it rains, they get you to shelter quickly or serve as small shelters in a storm.

Golf carts have pretty much taken over the golf courses of the world in recent times and very people actually walk the course instead. If you were to choose to walk a typical 18-hole golf course, you’d burn about 1,500 calories– so you’d essentially walk off a meal. That’s not bad, but keep in mind that swinging golf clubs is also a good way to get exercise on the golf course, so that can “count” for your “exercise for the day,” rather than walking all 18 holes.

Is walking a golf course the healthier choice? Sure. But let’s be realistic. Golf carts are cool, convenient, a place to chat with others on the course, and get you out of the direct sun when needed. They’re a true asset to golfing.

DIY Golf Cart sells high quality golf cart parts and accessories at extremely low prices. Specializing in parts for EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha, as well as accessories for gas or electric models, DIY Golf Cart’s online store can conveniently supply you with what you need for your golf cart.

Golf Carts – They’re Not Just for Golf

Golf Cart AccessoriesSure the game of golf originated the awkward, slow and boring vehicle that looks like it has a folding table for a roof but that doesn’t mean you can only use golf carts for golf. It’s actually quite the opposite nowadays with many people using golf carts for alternate mods of short distance travel.

With gas prices being as expensive they are and cities as congested as they are why pay a ton of money to waste gas while your car sits idly in traffic? Obviously a golf cart has no place on the Highway but around town in tight urban environment, many people are opting for this form of transportation.  The government in many cases has incentives for purchasing an Electric Vehicle which most golf carts are.

Golf carts now a days are nothing like the ones of 10 or 20 years ago. As battery technology has improved so has the golf cart’s performance. Newer golf carts charge quicker, are safer, have better performance, and a longer mileage range.

Another use for golf carts are in a larger commercial environment. Many manufacturing facilities have extremely large or multiple buildings which can take several minutes to traverse. In case of plant/manufacturing emergencies any time lost is valuable time. Many of the facilities will also have tours from time to time for investors or chiefs of staff. What better way to shuttle around your newly anointed hardhat wearing folks than in a convenient and practical golf cart.

Another industry that is starting to utilize golf carts is the farming industry. Running four wheelers, tractors, and pickup trucks all the time can get quite costly when you factor in fuel costs and insurance. It’s fairly easy and inexpensive to turn a golf cart into reliable farm transport. There are brush guards, lift kits and knobby tires that can equip your cart.

DIY Golf Cart LLC realizes all the different possible uses of these versatile little electric vehicles so we offer a wide array of parts and upgrades so that you can customize your cart to meet you individual needs.

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Golf Clubs Clean

Clean Golf ClubsKeeping your golf clubs clean is a vital element to maintaining not only your swing, but also your clubs themselves. Dirty or soiled clubs can lead to a poor contact with the ball or excessive wear of your clubs, which can lead to you needing to replace them sooner. Here are some simple methods to make sure you’re playing at peak performance.

Simple and easy

One of the oldest and simplest means of keeping your club clean uses “tools” you already have in your bag – tees. Between holes, take the tip of your tee and use it to run through the grooves on the club head and remove excess dirt and mud. This method, as HaloGolf notes in its blog, isn’t a thorough method, but is a good option to keep clean on the course.

Deep cleaning

For a more thorough clean, you’ll need a few extra tools and a bit of elbow grease. To start, you’ll need a wire club brush, some soapy water (using a light dish soap or hand soap, no bleaches or heavy soaps), a towel and some rags. Golfsmith recommends you start by using the brush to scrub the heads of your woods and irons, soaking the clubs, if necessary, to soften up really caked on dirt. Then, using rags, scrub down the clubs, using a clean towel to dry each club to prevent rust. Last, dampen another rag to wipe down the grips on all your clubs, using a tee to help dig out any deeply embedded dirt that may be stuck on. Dry the grips after to prevent the moisture from causing issues with loosening or degrading the quality of your grips.

On the course

Many manufacturers also now offer cart-mounted options for cleaning your balls and clubs on the course. These all-in-one units contain brushes to scrub your clubs with a water reservoir to help loosen dirt and grime as well. DIY stocks a wide variety of these ball and club washers to help you keep your shots clean.



Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Used Golf Cart

New vs. Used Golf CartsBuying a used golf cart is a great option to get a new-to-you golf cart at a significant cost savings versus buying new. Just like with buying any used vehicle, however, there are some key factors to pay attention to and keep in mind while evaluating carts on the market.

Examine, examine, examine

Every detail is important when evaluating a golf cart, so it’s a good idea to take a close look at all key components and replaceable items. Many recommend checking over the body and canopy frame in close detail, looking for signs of excessive wear and tear, rust corrosion or major damage. Press each major panel or component of the cart, and give the canopy a light jostle to test how secure and stable the body of the vehicle feels.

In addition, don’t forget to look over the tires. Just as with cars, you want to see a good deal of tread and no problems with air pressure. If the cart you’re looking at has a cloth canopy, take a look for any signs of tearing or ripping. Both are replaceable components at a reasonable cost, depending on the other qualities of the cart you’re considering.

Test the mechanicals

To ensure that the cart is in good running order, ask to take the vehicle on a brief test drive. This affords you an opportunity to see how well it runs, how it handles and how the acceleration and braking feel. An otherwise pristine looking cart may have hidden issues that only become clear with a test drive.

Before or after the test drive, be sure to also check the vehicle’s battery. Batteries are one of the most expensive components to replace in a golf cart, and typically last for five to six years of use. Look for any identifying marks that may spell out the age of the batter, such as a two-character alphanumeric code. eBay suggests that many batteries will list the month of the year with letters A through I, followed by a single digit for the most recent year. For example, “G3” would be “July 2013.”

Consider the whole package

Buying a used cart from a dealer may leave you with two main options: as-is or reconditioned. Reconditioned carts go through a thorough exam, repair and maintenance regimen, and are often backed with a dealership warranty. On the other hand, as-is are carts are more or less just that: as is. They are generally reviewed for major issues or concerns, but do not receive a full inspection and repair. However, these vehicles are generally available at a slightly greater discount.

In relation to that, consider the manufacturer of the cart you’re looking at as well. Carts from leading brands, such as Yamaha or Club Car, have parts more readily available, and usually at a lower cost when compared to less well known suppliers. This can save you money down the road on repairs, replacements or routine maintenance.

With careful attention and evaluation, you can find a good deal on a great cart that will last you for many years to come.

The Importance of Tuning Up Your Golf Cart

Golf Cart Tune UpsGolf carts are like cars in that they need a tune up– a time of maintenance, repairs and servicing– in order to ensure they perform as needed and last a long time as hoped.

If you stored your golf cart for the winter because the weather wasn’t conducive to using it outdoors, now that Spring is upon us, it may be time to inspect your cart and determine what needs fixing and/or replacing.

DIY Golf Cart offers tune up kits for your EZGO, Club Car, or Yamaha golf cart. Most tune up kits include an air filter, fuel filter, spark plug, and oil filters. DIY Golf Cart also offers deluxe tune up kits which include starter and drive belts.

Consider this: it’s cheaper to perform a yearly tune up for your golf cart than it is to deal with a major problem during the year when you really need and want the use of your cart. Would you rather the cart be laid up for repairs during your prime golfing or hunting season? No. So Springtime is a good time to tend to your cart, looking at wear points in need of lubrication, seeing whether or not the tires look properly inflated, and, of course, asking yourself, “How’s my battery doing?”

There are mechanics who can give your golf cart a tune up, or you can do it yourself. A typical tune up involves inspecting batteries, brakes, cables, grease fittings, lights, and the engine. If something needs replacing, you can most likely buy the part from DIY Golf Cart, and, if you plan to do the tune up yourself, DIY Golf Cart’s handy tune up kits will help you get the job done so you’re confident your cart is ready for the season.

Visit this page to find DIY Golf Cart’s quality tune up kits for sale:

The Benefits of Adding a Body Kit To Your Golf Cart

Body KitsOwning a golf cart is an enormous convenience when playing larger course or if you don’t have a caddie to lug around those heavy clubs. They’re also great for carrying a cooler with some beverage or snacks. The only thing wrong with stock golf carts is that they’re boring.

What comes to mind you hear golf cart? Probably the traditional egg shell white golf cart with tiny black wheels. Yawn. They’re convenient but not very fun and pretty to look out.

Not to worry. DIY has a solution for this. Customize! Customizing a golf cart is an easy way to add some fun and excitement to your cart. Make it stand out at the course. With a custom cart there’s no confusing yours from the rental or your buddy’s.

With custom body kits, wheels and even sound systems now available for golf carts, the options are endless. DIY offers custom body kits that will give your cart a sleek yet rugged look. Custom headlights, taillights, brush-guards, and lift kits are available for many makes including Club Car, EZGO TXT, and Yamaha.

Ever noticed how the guy with the sweet golf cart, and sound system is always the life of the course? Everyone wants to ride on the golf cart.

It’s not always about looks and having fun. Sometimes you may need to traverse some terrain that a normal golf cart couldn’t handle. Add a lift kit, brush guard, and diamond plate and you’re ready for some off-roading.

Check out our website’s expansive inventory of custom parts for your golf cart and start having some fun. If you’re looking for something specific feel free to give us a call at 855-DIY-GOLF.

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