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Are People Racing Golf Carts?

racing-flagThese days, browsing the internet can make you feel that if something can be done, it’s probably already happened. Because of an innate “need for speed”, it seems that people are racing just about any type of movable object they can get their hands on, including golf carts.

Some golf cart racing enthusiasts are fixing up and customizing their carts to be able handle speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. That’s much faster than most of our customers need to go, and we obviously don’t encourage people to make unsafe changes to their vehicles. However, it’s interesting to hear about the lengths that drivers go through to “soup up” their golf carts.

To begin getting a golf cart ready for a race track, owners typically stock up on the kinds of things race car drivers use. It’s not uncommon for carts to need bigger, faster, stronger engines (to handle racing), as well as top-of-the-line clutches, tires and suspension systems. Some people even invest in roll bars.

In Florida, there’s even a national golf cart racing association with dozens of race participants and large crowds of spectators cheering them on.

Golf cart racers find that the cost of “tricking out” a golf cart is a cheaper way to do what they love. Cars are more difficult and expensive to “improve” and maintain, while golf carts make racing more affordable and more accessible to many people. The sport is especially popular in the southeastern United States, where the warm weather helps make for good race conditions most months of the year.

If you’ve taken an interest in customizing your golf cart to be faster, flashier, and even safer, visit DIY Golf Carts to check out our wide variety of upgrades and accessories. You may not need to go 90 miles per hour, but you’ll certainly enjoy a little “tricking out” of your own.


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Fore! Things to Watch Out For On the Golf Course

Golf Course DangersIf we were to compile a list of high-risk sports, golf would probably come up pretty close to dead last. The game of golf, rather than being a pursuit of thrill seekers, is known for its idyllic landscapes, quiet demeanor, and institutionalized civility.   Despite the glossy exterior and general lack of savagery on the links, a game of golf is not without its occasional perils. From inclement weather to inattentive golfers and rogue sprinkler systems, you never know what fresh menace a round of golf might send your way.

Fellow golfers constitute one of the largest risks to your health and safety. While plenty of golfers came out of the womb yelling “fore” and “heads up,” others of us were not so blessed with a “heads-up” mentality. If you find yourself being followed by an unfamiliar foursome with tallboys of Coors spilling out of their cup holders, it’s best to keep your head on a swivel. You might even consider investing in a windshield for your golf cart to protect yourself from stray shots.

Bad weather is another foremost safety concern for many golfers. Weather conditions can change quickly on a golf course, particularly in the warm subtropical climates of the South that are home to so many of our favorite courses. Most golf courses have advanced warning systems to get golfers off the course quickly in case of lightning strikes. Of course, if you are stuck outside during a lightning storm, the safest place to be is in your golf cart. The roof will keep you dry while the insulating rubber of the tires will protect you from electrical discharge through the ground.

On some courses, wildlife can also pose a threat to unsuspecting golfers. Water hazards can be havens for snakes such as the venomous water moccasin. In some southern states such as Florida you might even spot an alligator sunbathing beside a water hazard. Generally speaking, it’s best to give wildlife on the golf course a wide berth. And remember, if worse comes to worse, your golf cart can probably run faster than you can.

Like what you read here? Swing on over to the DIY Golf Cart website and check out our full selection of golf cart accessories to keep you safe and sound on the golf course.


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Why Golf Carts are Perfect for Hunting

Golf Cart for HuntingGolfing and hunting share many similarities. They are both classic hobbies taken much more seriously by some than others. They require a unique set of tools to be used in different situations, and they both involve moving from place to place, surveying territory and eventually, taking shots. So why are some hunters so surprised to see a golf cart used as a great transportation option while hunting?

After all, golf carts are extremely customizable vehicles. They can be changed to fit just about any conditions, from the tires to the windshield to the seating inside. Golf carts aren’t limited to the power you might be used to on the course either. Upgrades “under-the-hood” are easy and can boost the speed, power, and functionality of a golf cart significantly.

Perhaps the greatest attribute of golf carts when it comes to hunting is their electric source of power. This provides near-total silence that keeps animals from being scared away.  The quiet also provides for a more peaceful and relaxing experience for the hunters involved, without sacrificing the power necessary to get from one place to another.

In addition to performance upgrades, there are some common accessories that hunters prefer when transforming their golf cart. At DIY Golf Cart, we have a variety of camouflage enclosures and covers to help your new buggy blend into its surroundings. We also have a selection of baskets, gun racks, and hitches for lugging the prize back home.

Check out our full selection of accessories perfect for making your standard golf cart into a hunter’s dream vehicle. It’s a great alternative to a noisy and dirty ATV, and DIY Golf Cart has everything you need to find new uses and applications for the versatile vehicles.


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Adding a Horn to Your Golf Cart

Golf Cart HornSo you’ve finally purchased your very own golf cart and you’re all ready to kick it around the links. Why not treat yourself to an added dose of fun and customize it with your very own modifications? We’ve already touched on the idea of modifying your golf cart in earlier entries, from installing heaters to converting your machine into a makeshift snowplow. Today, however, we’d like to focus on one simple modification that is so obviously, indisputably useful you’ll be shocked you didn’t think of it before. We’re talking, of course, about installing a horn in your golf cart.

A horn, you say? One of those handy little gadgets you’ve had on every other vehicle you’ve ever stepped foot in? Yes! Adding a horn to your golf cart is not only a fun weekend project, but also a wise precaution in case of impending collisions. It can also make your golf cart much more ready for street driving.

Plenty of golf courses have cart paths that intersect with roads. Why not be prepared to give that Chevy Suburban a heads up as you zip across the street in pursuit of the 19th hole? Some of us might even take the cart out for a spin around the neighborhood from time to time. In this case, installing a horn is especially well-advised. A golf cart might be an easy, inexpensive mode of transportation, but it’s not designed to protect you from harm in the event of an accident. A horn can circumvent potential accidents by alerting other drivers to your presence before anyone has to start making evasive maneuvers.

It’s worth noting though, that you should be careful to adhere to standard golf course etiquette once you’ve installed a horn in your cart. Your fellow golfers might not appreciate it if you’re fervently blowing your horn while they shoot for birdie out of a sand trap on the 17th. Just be the mindful, courteous golfer you’ve always been, and your horn will keep you safe without tarnishing your name at the clubhouse.

Here at DIY Golf Cart, we have a wide variety of Golf Cart horns, both universal and specifically designed for brands like Club Car and EZGO. To start shopping for a horn for you golf cart, or other Golf Cart parts and accessories, visit our website today.


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Making Your Golf Cart Battery Last

golf cart battery maintenanceBattery powered golf carts can enhance just about every aspect of your life, whether you’re golfing or not. Long gone are the days when golfers actually had to walk the course. In addition, golf carts have found many other uses over the years—in golf course communities, parks maintenance departments, and event security teams.

The more we come to rely on these handy machines, the more aggravating it is when your battery bites the dust, leaving you stranded. When it comes to battery powered golf carts, there are a few things you can do to make sure your battery lasts for a long time. Simply follow the tips below to keep your golf cart battery healthy as can be.

Most importantly, you should recharge your cart’s battery every time you use it. After returning from a trip, the first thing you should do is plug it in. Besides, maintaining a full charge will help you to feel confident knowing your battery won’t die on you. Even after a quick 9 holes or a ride to a nearby neighbor’s place, you should plug it in.

Aside from proper use, simple maintenance can go a long way. You should clean the battery regularly, using a wire brush to make sure nothing is interfering with the terminals and connections. Keep an eye on your battery for potential sulfate buildup, as sulfate accumulation is one of the main reasons batteries fail. Desulfators and terminal cleaner should be kept on hand for this purpose. Make sure the battery is properly filled with the correct amount of distilled water as well.

Like anything else, extreme weather conditions can drastically shorten the life of a golf cart battery. If it’s sitting in sweltering heat, excess sulfate can appear around the connections. On the other hand, if a battery is too cold, it can also undergo damage. Keep this in mind when storing your golf cart, especially for the long-term.

Last, but certainly not least, regular golf cart charger replacement is imperative to extending the life of your golf cart battery. At DIY Golf Cart, we carry a wide selection of golf cart chargers for every brand of golf cart. To check out our chargers, as well as maintenance products and tools to keep your battery healthy, visit our website today.


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How to Test a Golf Cart Charger

test golf cart chargerAt DIY Golf Cart, we are a trusted source for electric golf cart battery chargers. As you know, the batteries power the motor—without a healthy, fully-functioning battery, you could find yourself suddenly stranded in the middle of the golf course. That’s why it’s as important to check the charger for functionality as it is to check the battery itself.

If your battery seems to be taking a long time to charge, or doesn’t seem to be juicing up at all, you might have an issue with the charger. To see how well your battery charger is generating power, you can attach a voltmeter to its negative and positive clamps. The needle should move from left to right to show whether or not amps are present. The further the needle remains to the left, the less power. If the needle shoots to the right, however, it’s a good sign.

The battery charger transformer should make a humming sound when it’s getting electrical current. Sometimes a solution to an uncharged battery is as simple as having it plugged into a working outlet. Make sure the electrical outlet is not on a switch—you want to be sure it is indeed supplying “juice” to your battery. Also, be sure that the grounding wire is properly attached to the frame of your golf cart.

Frayed wires or corroded terminals can also ruin an electrical connection, warranting repair or replacement. You can check the connection between the charger and the battery by turning the ignition to auxiliary and attempting to turn the charger on.

Another common reason why a charger might not be working properly is if a fuse is blown. You can usually find the charger fuses in the service panel on the back fender of the golf cart.

One way to prevent malfunction with a battery charger is to wipe it down regularly, especially after it rains. A dirty charger is at greater risk of overheating due to corrosion.

If you’ve performed every test you can think of, to no avail, and you decide it’s time to replace that old, unreliable golf cart charger, visit DIY Golf Cart for chargers compatible with Yamaha, EZGO, and Club Car brand golf carts. We even have information to help you decide which one will work best with your particular cart. As always, don’t hesitate to call us, as we’ll be happy to help you find the charger that gets your golf cart up and running in no time.


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Hit the Links Earlier This Year with a Golf Cart Heater

Golf Cart HeaterIf you are obsessed with golf, there is nothing worse than having to put your hobby on hold during the coldest months of the year. While some golfers strive to get out there early each year, cold temperatures can quickly ruin an otherwise enjoyable game. At DIY Golf Cart, we are happy to point out that we have an easy solution to the problem of these uncomfortable golfing conditions. By taking advantage of one of our golf cart heating systems you will never have to cut a game short.

We offer a wide range of golf cart heaters that are perfect for any golfer. Whether you are looking to play a few holes or stay out there all day long, you can trust these heaters to keep you comfortable. We carry an electric 12 Volt Heater that works with all EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha Models. We also have a variety of propane-powered heaters that fit right into your golf cart’s existing cup holder. Regardless of the type of golf cart you drive, we have a heater for you!

If you’re looking to get out on the course a little earlier this season, take some time to browse our selection and decide which option is right for you. We do recommend that you enclose your golf cart to maximize the effects of the heater. We are proud and excited to bring these products to our customers, providing them with an opportunity to enjoy the game of golf at times of year that would otherwise have kept them indoors.

Don’t let a lingering winter make you suffer without enjoying your favorite pastime. Get a head start on your buddies by working on your game a little earlier than them. Visit our website to learn more, or call us now to speak with a member of the DIY Golf Cart team!


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Convert Your Golf Cart into a Snow Plow


You know we’re in the throes of a rough winter when the only warm places in the continental United States are Southern California and South Florida. Winter can be cold, icy, and snowy in places that previously were thought to “never get snow.” In recent times, it has snowed in parts of Hawaii, as well as Tucson, Arizona, and Atlanta, Georgia. Chaos ensued, filling news reports with horror stories of stranded vehicles and school closings.

The winter of 2014 has been harsh, to say the least.

Every winter, frustrated folks resolve to tackle next year’s snow in a more efficient way. You could keep shoveling the snow, but many doctors advise against putting that sort of stress on your body, especially in poor weather conditions. You could invest in a snow blower, but how much sense does an entirely new machine make if snow only comes a few times a year?

We’ve got a better idea. Take the golf cart that you already own, and turn it into a miniature snow plow.

DIY Golf Cart of Austin, Texas, sells snow plows fitted specifically for golf carts. Made in the USA, these “snow blades” bolt onto most EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha model golf carts. They come with a winch for easy lifting or lowering, and they’re heavy duty. The snow plows are also easy to disconnect, by removing a pin and taking them off a cart. Most models have blades that can be set head on, 45 degrees to the right, or 45 degrees to the left, which comes in handy when plowing tricky areas.

What a clever idea—using a golf cart as a snow plow during the colder months to clear your driveway, sidewalk, or street of snow. It’s easier to drive a golf cart snow plow than it is to push a snow blower—and you’ll be the envy of all your neighbors with such an innovative way to move snow out of the way when needed!

DIY Golf Cart offers free shipping on all golf cart snow plows. Check out the video below that demonstrates installation of a Club Car compatible plow.



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Kids and Golf Carts: Important Safety Advice

safety tips for kids and golf cartsAnyone who has grew up when Power Wheels were at the height of their popularity know that the toys exist solely because the vehicles parents drive amaze their kids. If you have a golf cart, your son or daughter WILL want to drive it. Many parents opt for junior golf carts as gifts, while others teach their children to drive theirs once they’re of age. Always keep safety in the front of your mind, however. In order to keep your kids safe, you sometimes have to think like them. Check out the tips below for keeping your little golf cart drivers safe and happy.


Governor? What Governor?

Golf carts have a mechanism, called a governor, which controls the maximum speed it can drive. This is the same mechanism used in school busses and semi-trucks. You may not realize the most important thing about this feature; it only works when the golf cart is on. So many people (not even just kids) will accelerate down a hill, and then turn the golf cart off; this causes the golf cart to fly down a hill at whatever speed physics call for. Depending on the size of the hill, it could be as fast as a car! The best way around this? Don’t mention the governor to your young driver, ever; kids are smart. The best thing to do is set a route on which your child is permitted to drive; ensure this route has no hills and you’re golden.


Rollin’ Wit My Homies

Some parents won’t allow their teens to drive with friends in the car. Follow this rule for kids and golf carts. If you have a very responsible and trustworthy kid, you might allow one passenger. Not only is your driver responsible for the safety of another, but he or she is also distracted – not a good mix.


Jack Knife Turns are Fun… NOT

Teach your son or daughter the proper caution for turning. Going slow on a turn is crucial in a golf cart, especially if driving in rough terrain.


But… I’m 13, I’m like… an ADULT now!

No, just no. Never let anyone under 16 operate an adult golf cart. There are junior golf carts for younger kids, and even toy golf carts for the kids under 10. It’s never a good idea to let someone who watches The Disney Channel behind the wheel of an adult golf cart.


Visit DIY Golf Cart for golf cart parts and accessories at low, do-it-yourself prices.


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Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Golfers

golfing gifts

Most golfers are very passionate about their sport. Even if their game is not “up to par”, golfers still enjoy the competition, the outdoors, and the gear. Avid golfers can find a golfing spot almost all year round somewhere in the country, so it’s always a great time to give them just the right gifts and accessories for their favorite game.

Here are some of this season’s hottest golf gift ideas for the golfer in your life:

Golf Clubs

Though it may seem like an obvious choice, golf clubs are always appreciated and needed. Many avid golfers wear out their clubs throughout the year, while others discover that they are playing with the wrong type of golf clubs. A perfect gift for close friends, spouses, and family members – the right golf clubs can help them improve their game, and will make an awesome holiday gift. But you may need to be a little sneaky and resourceful in order to find out exactly what type of clubs the golfer in your life needs.


Golfer’s Travel Bags

A lot of golfers travel, always looking for that next perfect golf destination. It would be great to have a shiny new travel bag this year to protect their golf clubs and other equipment while traveling. There are many manufacturers that make golf travel bags, and they even come with wheels for extra convenience while racing through the airport.


Tuning Up the Golf Cart

For the real passionate golfers and golfanistas out there; golf cart parts and other accessories make great gifts. The non-golfing community may not get excited about tune-up kits, but for the golfer who is totally in love with the sport, making sure that the golf cart is in maximum running condition is highly important to an enjoyable game. And like many other sportsmen, a lot of golfers enjoy doing their own handy work.


Make Room For the Family

Rear seat kits are getting more popular with golfers who want to make more room in the golf cart for family and friends. Rear flip flop seat kits make the best gifts; not only do they create more room for the family, but they also fold down to make room for golf gear and other cargo. Grab bars can also be added to the rear seat kits for a safer ride.


The Best Golf Movies

Golf-themed movies make great, fun, and unique gifts, for lovers of the sport. Create a gift basket with some popcorn, a six pack, and a DVD of The Legend of Bagger Vance, or the classic Happy Gilmore. You can also create a golf movie dvd set with Bagger Vance, Happy Gilmore, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Tin Cup with Kevin Costner for the romantic golfing couple, and Caddyshack, to enjoy with all of the golfing gang. This basket of classic golfing movies is sure to please your favorite golfer this holiday season.

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