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Why Flip-Up Windshields Are Ideal for Golf Carts

Flip Up Windshields Could you imagine driving a car without a windshield? Maybe if it was 1899, but the reality of today’s modern society is that people need proper protection when they’re in moving vehicles.

At DIY Golf Cart, we sell American-made windshields for golf carts which all come with the necessary hardware for easy installation. Whether you have an EZGO TXT, Marathon, RXV, Medalist, or ST350 Workhorse golf cart, know this: a flip-up windshield is a vital and excellent thing to have on the cart.

With folding/flip windshields, perhaps the best benefit is its flexibility. If it’s a hot summer day and you want the breeze, flip the window down so you’re not suffocating. If it’s a cold, miserable weather day, the windshield can be flipped up to protect you from the elements. Also, on particularly windy days, when all sorts of objects are hurtling through the air, a flipped up window is going to protect you from getting hit in the face with God knows what.

FYI: most windshields for golf carts are made of either polycarbonate or acrylic. If cost is an issue, go with an acrylic windshield. It’s somewhat scratch resistant and a common material used for golf cart windshields. If, however, you want the kind of windshield that can handle a direct hit from a golf ball and not break, go with a polycarbonate one.

DIY Golf Cart offers folding/flip-style windshields in a clear or tinted form; they’re DOT-approved and certified street legal. Check this link to see what great deals we’ve got on golf cart windshields:

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Did you Know You Can Add a Radio to Your Golf Cart?

snippyOne thing about most people is that they always want to know the score of a game. When they’re out on the golf course, they’re playing their own game but wondering how their favorite baseball, basketball or football team is doing. That said, did you know you can add a radio to your golf cart?

Having a radio in your golf cart means you can listen to sport games (and scores), news and talk shows like Rush Limbaugh, and/or music during the time you’re out on the golf course, staying informed and entertained. And even if you don’t use a golf cart to play golf, but, rather, to get around a resort town or festival event, it’s nice to have a radio to help pass the time in a pleasant way.

For under $500,DIY Golf Cart sells a fine roof mount weather resistant stereo radio for golf carts. It includes a high quality AM/FM antenna, as well as a CD player. You can also connect your portable devices directly thru the system’s front AUX input. It’s small enough not to be getting in the way, but big enough to do a good job of playing sound for the people in and near the golf cart. The unit even includes a foam kit to suppress rattling.

Modern day cars and trucks almost always come with factory-installed radios, but not all golf carts do. Should you want to add a radio to your cart, the option is now yours.

Check out the radio for golf carts here:

Preparing Your Golf Cart For Winter

Winterize your Golf CartSome of the best golfing in the world is in places that don’t have to worry about cold, harsh winters. It must be nice, right? For those who live in more temperate regions, the cooling air is a warning that it’s time to prepare for the winter. It may not seem like it needs much protection, but year after year, winter can start to eat away at your golf cart in many ways.

The first element working against you is time. While sitting in storage, any dirt or grime on your golf cart will remain, potentially damaging its exterior. Your first step should be to clean it from top to bottom, inside and out, over and under the hood. Just be careful to use the right type of cleaner in sensitive areas.

Next, you’ll need to winterize the batteries. After cleaning, fill them with distilled water, just a little bit over the plates. Disconnect the batteries from the cart to give them a winter’s rest.

Then, decide where you’ll be storing your golf cart for the winter. You’ll need to keep an eye out for different threats depending on whether it’s inside or outside. Inside, dust can build up, while outside, violent weather and extreme temperatures are the most common culprits. This just means you’ll need more outer protection.

Once the golf cart is in its right place, turn it off, put it in neutral, and engage the tow switch. You’ll also want to disengage the brakes and place heavy blocks in front of the tires to make sure the golf cart doesn’t roll away on you.

Give your golf cart a pat or a kiss on the hood and say goodbye until springtime (actually, it’s a good idea to check on it from time to time). It might be difficult to let go, but you’ll thank yourself when your golf cart and its parts last for a long, long time.

Winter is also a great time to make adjustments and improvements to your golf cart. We’ve got everything you could possibly want or need right here at DIY Golf Cart.


The Benefits of Stainless Steel Golf Cart Accessories

Stainless SteelDIY Golf Cart sells many stainless steel accessories for use with golf carts, and the reasons you’d want stainless steel accessories for your golf cart are numerous.


Stainless steel gives you the best deal for the lowest price– it’s a durable, low maintenance material that looks good and resists corrosion in both high and low temperatures. Stainless steel is made of iron, chromium, carbon, nickel, molybdenum and small quantities of other metals. The rich content of chromium in stainless steel makes it highly corrosion resistant, and therefore popular for many uses.


As a fairly common material, stainless steel is easily cut, welded, formed and fabricated into all sorts of golf cart accessory pieces which end up being solid and strong (but not bulky or too heavy) and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Because stainless steel doesn’t easily corrode or stain, doesn’t require much maintenance, and has a familiar lustre people like, it is used for many applications, from cookware to cutlery, household hardware to major appliances, and, even, golf cart parts and accessories. Should dirt, grime or fingerprints get on stainless steel, you can simply use a damp cloth to clean it.

Available in a variety of surface finishes and easily cleanable, stainless steel accessories for golf carts include kick plates, grille guards, wheel spacers, and front/rear bumpers. DIY Golf Cart offers golf cart owners a plethora of stainless steel items to choose from.


Try typing “stainless steel” into DIY Golf Cart’s convenient website search bar, and you’ll discover three pages worth of high quality stainless steel items currently available for your golf cart(s). And if you have any questions, call us at 1-855-349-4653.

Reasons to Own a Golf Cart

Golf CartsWhy own a golf cart? Well, if you are a regular golf player and don’t want to walk the entire 18-hole course, and you’d rather not deal with the hassle of renting/using other’s carts, it’s nice to have your own golf cart for your games.

Golf players can customize their carts with all sorts of “add-ons,” including windshields, ball cleaners, cooler trays and lift kits. Indeed, golf carts are becoming more versatile these days, used not only for golf games, but also for getting people and things around communities and more.

For those in warm weather climates, a golf cart can function as transportation around their community. Older people in retirement communities in places like Arizona and Florida often own a golf cart to go from their house to the community center, pool, park, and, in some cases, the post office and local stores. People in tourist towns also own carts to get around town.

In the wintertime, if your area gets light snow, a golf cart can actually be transformed into a snowplow with the addition of a golf cart snowplow.

Do you live or work on an island, at a resort, amusement park or gated community where the use of motorized vehicles is discouraged or not allowed? Golf carts can replace loud, noisy, polluting cars in many places.

Hunters can utilize an off-road golf cart to transport themselves and their gear to hunting areas– it beats walking and having to carry a whole bunch of stuff on your back. Minor modifications like suspension upgrades can turn a plain cart into one that can take on rougher terrain.

Golf carts are small, quiet and able to go places other vehicles can’t. For golf cart parts, accessories and more, DIY Golf Cart is an online store where you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.


A Golf Cart with Cargo Space?

Cargo SpaceA golfer would probably contend that their cart has plenty of storage. They have a place to strap in their clubs and a basket to put their bags. They even have compartments to hold their golf balls and small holes to insert their tees.

But what if you want to store something other than golf equipment? We here at DIY Golf Cart are all about repurposing and customizing golf carts because we know how useful they can be for other types of transportation.

If you’re using a gold cart for hunting, how are you planning on bringing the prize back home? If you’re using a golf cart on a construction job, what would you do if an emergency called for supplies to be delivered across the site? Assuming your cargo isn’t shaped like a golf bag, you’re going to need a little something extra.

Fortunately, adding cargo storage to a golf cart is as easy as any other golf cart modification. You can choose between many different options. Some might spring for a mesh cargo box, mounted on the back portion of the cart. Others might need a storage rack for the top of their cart. Even a simple rear basket might do the trick for those who need to transport smaller tools and supplies.

We hear about new, inventive uses for golf carts all the time. They can get to places where larger automobiles can’t, and they cost a small fraction of the price to operate. But when you need to get more than just yourself from one place to another, it’s time to invest in a little extra cargo space.

Browse the DIY Golf Cart website to build the perfect golf cart for whatever work you need to get done.


A Camo Golf Cart Enclosure is Perfect for Hunting Season

Golf Cart for HuntingDIY Golf Cart offers a Universal Deluxe 4-Sided Camouflage Golf Cart Enclosure, and it’s ideal for use on golf carts used on hunting grounds.

When you want to take your golf cart off-road and into the woods, especially during hunting season, you don’t want to stand out– you want to blend in. Nothing’s worse than an animal you’re trying to shoot seeing a bright white golf cart headed its way. However, the camouflage golf cart enclosure DIY Golf Cart sells will help you (and your vehicle) blend in with the woods and nature with its natural colors.

Meanwhile, what do you do when you’re out hunting and it starts to pour rain? If you don’t want to get totally drenched with cold rainwater, having the golf cart enclosure is a godsend, keeping you dry and somewhat warm during a storm. The enclosure is also nice to have when entering areas with standing water/mosquitoes. An enclosure helps keep the bugs off of you.

DIY’s golf cart enclosure can fit over any golf cart with a 60” top or shorter. It’s made of heavy duty vinyl, with double-stitched seams and reinforced edges, so it’s durable. Plus, it has a zippered design allowing you to roll up and down six panels independently– that way, it’s like having a house on wheels with an open PVC “window” as needed.
When you’re not using the cart and it’s in storage, the enclosure doubles as a cover to keep the dust and dirt off the cart’s interior. Or you can store the golf cart enclosure in the free bag that comes with your order from DIY Golf Cart. Every golf cart owner who hunts should own the Universal Deluxe 4-Sided Camouflage Golf Cart Enclosure.

Three Products to Take Your Golf Cart to the Next Level This Summer

Summer is officially in full swing. Whether you use a golf cart to hit the links or you’ve outfitted it for another purpose, there’s no better time of year to navigate the terrain in an open air vehicle, with the sun beaming down and a nice, cool breeze blowing through as you drive.

Wouldn’t this summer also be a great time to outfit your golf cart with a new part or accessory? The great thing about golf carts is that they can be constantly upgraded, whether for style, performance, or just plain fun. Here are three great products that will cover all three bases.

For StyleRealtree Camouflage Steering Wheel Cover

For just a few bucks, you can add a little camouflage flair to your hunting golf cart. This cover isn’t just for looks though. It also repels water and dirt, keeping things clean and keeping you steering straight. It’s just one of multiple great steering wheel covers to choose from.

For PerformanceTuned Exhaust

No matter which brand of golf cart you have—Yamaha, EZGO, or Club Car, we have the tuned exhaust system for you. Most original golf cart exhaust systems are quite restrictive for a variety of reasons. If performance is a priority, however, a tuned exhaust system is one of the best ways to increase the power of your golf cart.

For FunOverhead Golf Audio System With Console

Can you imagine surviving without a radio or CD player in your car? Then why do you settle for not having one in your second most important vehicle? This audio system fits all brands of golf carts, placed just above the driver’s seat. It also features the latest technology, including MP3 compatibility.

Even if these particular products don’t strike your fancy for a summer golf cart upgrade, be sure to check out our website. There are enough possibilities—many of which you’ve never imagined—to take your golf cart experience to the next level.


Get Your Golf Cart Ready for Hunting

Golf Cart AccessoriesGolf carts are well known on golf courses, but did you know you can outfit them to go hunting? With hunting season coming up sooner than later, now’s the time to think about buying and installing some golf cart hunting accessories to use your cart for the hunt.

Who really wants to walk for miles in the wilderness? If you do, more power to you. For others, though, it’s a lot more convenient to take a golf cart out into clearings, the woods’ edge, and along trails in order to get to where the hunting is good.

Did you know you can literally camouflage your golf cart? How cool is that? DIY Golf Cart’s website carries everything from camouflage steering wheels to seat covers and even wheels. The ever popular DIY body camouflage system includes removable vinyl sheets to wrap your golf cart. If you want to roll up upon your prey without them realizing you’re in a golf cart, camouflage the whole thing and see what happens!

DIY Golf Cart also sells gun racks made for golf carts. And seeing as you’ll need supplies while hunting, consider a lightweight-yet-hard plastic cargo box for your flip seat cart, or perhaps a basket for the back or roof storage rack. Hey—it beats carrying all the stuff on your back.

Whether you drive a Yamaha, E-Z-GO or Club Car, know that DIY has the golf cart hunting accessories you need, at the lowest prices on the net, to properly prepare your cart for “the hunt.”

What to Look for When Buying a Used Golf Cart

Used golf cartsGolf carts are more versatile than ever. Not only are they used on golf courses (naturally) but also in retirement communities, around vacation spots, and at public, outdoor events. They serve many uses, including transporting people and supplies.
Some people are the type to always buy new, no matter what they purchase, and then there are those who buy used. If you’re thinking of buying a used golf cart, there are certain things to look for, including whether it’s powered by gas—or electric batteries—and what features it offers that match your needs.

If you plan to use your golf cart for short periods of time, electric carts may be the way to go, as they require battery charging after each use. Electric carts are quiet. Gas carts, on the other hand, may be a little noisier, but they can go for longer periods of time, and instead of waiting to charge a battery, all it takes is putting gas in the tank from a pump, and the cart’s ready to continue on its way.

Once you’ve decided on gas or electric, the next thing to notice are a cart’s features—are they in decent shape, to your liking? Some of things to look for include: windshields, a radio, a horn (for use on public roads, especially), headlights, side and rear-view mirrors, and the condition of its seats.

Also take into consideration where/how you’re going to store the golf cart when it’s not in use. Do you have a good space to keep it?

Looking over a used golf cart, look for tires with deep treads and a canopy roof without damage or rust. Inspect the body to find scratches, dents or faded paint. Ask how old the battery is (if it has one). Most batteries last about five years. Also ask the seller if he or she will provide a warranty.

Of course it’s a good idea to take a used golf cart for a test ride of 15 minutes or more.

Should you buy a used golf cart and come to find you need any replacement golf cart parts, DIY Golf Cart’s website is packed with thousands of high-quality replacement golf cart parts that can be bought and shipped to your home quickly and efficiently.

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